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The "Lucerna: Mourning Hand” Belt Buckle

The "Lucerna: Mourning Hand” Belt Buckle

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Introducing the first of the Petals & Poison Belts: The "Lucerna: Mourning Hand” Belt Buckle

This belt is the perfect touch to any Gothic Romantic wardrobe. It comes with a black adjustable and stretchy belt and stretches up to 52"

One Size fits most:

XS-5X (Max stretch 52" waist)

Buckle comes in antiqued Chrome plated Brass or Antiqued Brass.

Nickel free 

Disclaimer: NOT FOR CHILDREN. Belt Buckle is made from a heavy SOLID handcrafted brass. Please wear responsibly and carefully. Be careful of sharp pointed edges from the design, and always make sure your belt is properly secured to avoid the buckle from slipping and falling and causing injury. We recommend having someone help secure your belt or we suggest sitting while attaching the belt to avoid accidents. Please always be mindful of the hook. Do not force hook connection and always check for defects. Inform us immediately if there is a defect on the hook. And we will guide you on the next steps. We are not responsible for any injury that may occur due to handling/mishandling of the belt buckle. SOLD WITH BLACK ELASTIC BELT. NOT BEIGE. 

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