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The "Sleepy Hollow” Glass Casket Ring

The "Sleepy Hollow” Glass Casket Ring

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Introducing the coveted Petals & Poison Mourning Jewelry: The “Glass Casket” Collection.

The design is a Jack-O-Lantern encapsulated in a glass gothic window. Inspired by Glass Caskets, Sleepy Hollow, and Victorian Mourning jewelry, this ring is the perfect touch to any Gothic Romantic wardrobe.

The ring is shaped like a tombstone with swirling motifs inspired by antique graves.

 Comes in a luxury black velvet branded ring box.

Solid 925 Sterling Silver

Nickel free

If you need help finding your size, it is suggested you go to a local jewelry shop to get professionally sized, OR please check out this handy printable ring sizer:

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