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The "One Is A Bird” Flavor Powder

The "One Is A Bird” Flavor Powder

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Herbal - NO Caffeine

This delightful mix is made from powdered Oat Milk, Pure Butterfly Pea Powder, & European Lavender. Topped with Brown Sugar Crystals, this blend creates a mellow, pleasant flavor that can be added to your choice of hot milk, coffee, or tea!


Oat Milk contains: Natural Oat, Water, and Enzymes

*packed in a facility that is shared by treenuts, peanuts, dairy, and soy products.


Made in small batchess to ensure freshness. Each powder is packed by volume and contains 3 oz of tea powder per 4 oz tin. Serves 10-12 (or more!) A little goes a long way. Preparing thy hot chocolate: Use one tsp of powder per cup, Add hot milk, hot tea, or hot coffee and mix until dissolved. Stir and serve immediately. Add more powder for a more saturated flavor.

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