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The “Kingdom By the Sea" Vegan Hot Chocolate

The “Kingdom By the Sea" Vegan Hot Chocolate

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NO Caffeine

A melancholy mix of Vegan White Chocolate, Earl Grey, & Lavender Flowers. Vegan, Kosher, and Natural.


This blend creates a mellow, melancholy flavor that can be added to your choice of hot milk, coffee, or tea! Enjoy with your favorite sweetner of choice!


Please thoroughly read all ingredients!

Each powder is packed by volume and contains 3 oz of tea powder per 4 oz tin. Serves 10-12 (or more!) A little goes a long way. Preparing thy hot chocolate: Use 1/2 tsp of powder per cup, Add hot milk, hot tea, or hot coffee and mix until dissolved. Stir and serve immediately. Add more powder for a more saturated flavor.


If you ever taste a medicinal/"minty" flavor, that means you have over flavored your drink. Always start with small scoops!


Full ingredients list:

Natural Powder (Sugar-Free/Sweetner Free/Dairy Free) Contains: Gum Acacia and Natural Flavors. ***CONTAINS LAVENDER BUDS****

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