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The “Dungeon Master” Treasure Goblet 🦇

The “Dungeon Master” Treasure Goblet 🦇

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This scent is inspired by the rumored cologne Joseph Quinn wears. It’s masculine and clean smelling. Reminiscent of someone who has been hiding in the woods for days. Notes: Bergamot, Spiced Earth, Smoked Vanilla, & Hawkins Cedar ♥️


  • 4oz goblet candle
  • Topped with beeswax D12, and juniper
  • Comes with a "Gothic" alloy ring hidden within the wax. Inspired by Eddie Munson's rings. Size is randomized. Unfortunately at this time, I can't choose which size ring you will recieve. 
  • Burn time approximately 7-14 hours
  • Made with Beeswax.
  • Please keep wick trimmed to 1/8th of an inch after D12 wax has melted. (You may remove the D12 if you desire!)
  • If wick is ever "drowning" in wax, please use a paper towel to absorb the excess.
  • Please be within eyesight of your candle. DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED.
  • If there are air pockets, please be aware. If you have a heat gun, use it to create a flat finish for your candle.
  • Do not burn for more than 1 hour at a time.
  • wax color may vary
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