Introducing Little Ghouls x Petals & Poison: The "Twilight Puppeteer" Candle. 

♡ Twilight Puppeteer♡

Scented of: Circus Animal Cookies, Stardust, and Midnight Tea, topped with rainbow sprinkles.


Make a wish on stardust candles

As twilight shrouds the sky

Marshmallow clouds begin to scramble

While the Twilight Puppeteer begins to mystify

10mL bottle with roll on applicator 


Perfume oils perform at their peak when warm: Roll bottle between your hands and turn upside down a few times to mix the oils before rolling onto your pulse points. (don't shake, this may cause air bubbles).  

(Contains coconut oil) 

Made with love and gloom ♡

The "Twilight Puppeteer" Perfume ​​​​​🌙🎪