Introducing Little Ghouls x Petals & Poison: The "Strawberry Banshee" Candle. 

🍓Strawberry Banshee👻

A cry is heard from foglands distant
Pitter patters of faint creatures gone in an instant
Quick as lightening they vanish from sight
Like pinwheels they spin in the night
The shrieking repeats like a rhythm to keep
The monsters tamed; with a sealed eyed sleep.
Sweet was the scent in the airFrizzy was the strawberry hair
Monstrous teeth filled mouth stretched grin
So wide it tears and rips the skin
Descending into fiendish madness
To disguise the tears of sadness.


6oz hand poured soy wax candle
Scented of: Fresh Berries, Barren Fogland, and Posies
All candles burn between 25-30 hours
We used plant based wax that is free of paraffins and any other damaging chemicals.
For highest performance and cleanest burn, keep wick trimmed to 1/8th of an inch.
If wick is ever "drowning" in wax, use a paper towel to clean away the excess wax.

The Strawberry Banshee Candle ​​​​​​​🍓👻🍓



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