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Introducing Little Ghouls x Petals & Poison: The "Hotel Ghost" Candle. 

♡ Hotel Ghost ♡

Scented of: Deep Bulgarian Rose, Versailles Apple Black Tea, Luxurious Lace and Powder, Cottage Floorboards topped with rose petals and goldleaf.


Phantoms waltz through hallways swirling with memories of decadent cakes, luxurious lace and silks, and the Versailles atmosphere romantic nights through the rose gardens from an unforgotten past life trace in your consciousness. You are the Hotel Ghost of Antoinette.

6oz hand poured soy wax candle
All candles burn between 25-30 hours
We used plant based wax that is free of paraffins and any other damaging chemicals.
For highest performance and cleanest burn, keep wick trimmed to 1/8th of an inch.
If wick is ever "drowning" in wax, use a paper towel to clean away the excess wax.

The "Hotel Ghost" Candle ​​​​​🥀🕯