🌸🌿🦇Gloomy Garden 🌸🌿🦇 


Scented of Wilting Peonies, Wet Moss, Rose Thorns, and Gothic Cathedrals


One of my personal favorite go to scents!


A little goes a long way!


“In a garden lost by time,

A Vampire rests on a bed of mossy stone.

Willows weep and roses rhyme,

Gentle breezes chill the bone.

Looming cathedrals kissed by vines

Unveil her Gloomy Garden overgrown.”


10ml perfume oil in a matte black bottle. 


Perfume oils perform at their peak when warm: Roll bottle between your hands and gently flip the bottle a few times to mix the oils before rolling onto your pulse points. (Do not shake. This can cause air bubbles). 

(Contains sweet almond oil and high quality fragrance oils.) 


Please always do a test patch for allergies! All formulas have been tested before being made in small batches.

The "Gloomy Garden” Roll On Perfume 🌸🌿🦇