🌹 The “Cotton Candy Dandy”: Scented of Cotton Candy Tears, Candied Roses, Powdered Lace, & Marshmallow Clouds 🎂


One of my personal favorite go to scents!

A little goes a long way!


“The Cotton Candy Dandy sits high on sugar spun clouds

You may step inside her kingdom

Once you hear the trumpets sound

She’ll watch her roses bloom

Beneath the big blue icing moon

She’ll sing the sweetest lullabies,

And bake up pink vanilla pies”


10ml perfume oil in a matte black bottle. 


Perfume oils perform at their peak when warm: Roll bottle between your hands and gently flip the bottle a few times to mix the oils before rolling onto your pulse points. (Do not shake. This can cause air bubbles). 

(Contains sweet almond oil and high quality fragrance oils.) 


Please always do a test patch for allergies! All formulas have been tested before being made in small batches.

The "Cotton Candy Dandy” Roll On Perfume 🌹🎂