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This tea round is topped with: pink pearls, gold sugar, edible gold and edible glitter (mix and match).

The Calypso's Apothecary "Mourning Brew" Bundle contains the following Mourning Brews: Poseidon's Potion, Calypso's Apothecary, and Treasure Hoard.  Made in small batchess to ensure freshness. Each tin offers approximately serves 6-8 cups of tea. Preparing thy tea: Use one tsp of tea leaves per cup, add one heaping tsp for the pot. Add hot water and let stand 3-5 minutes. Stir and serve immediately. Add milk and/or sugar to taste. I pack by volume in these 2 oz tins. They are generally between 1.3-1.5 oz in weight.

“Poseidon's Potion": This tropical brew is a unique blend of Oolong, White Tea, Candied Pineapple, Coconut, Pandan Leaves, Rum Flavoring, Mango flavoring, safflower, cornflowers, and topped with edible gold. It’s delightful taste is reminiscent of Poseidon’s royal underwater festivities. *contains coconut (tree nuts)


“Calypso's Apothecary”: This enticing brew is a unique blend of Organic Red Rooibos, Honeybush, Orange Peel, Safflower, Hibiscus, Blood Orange Flavoring, and topped with edible gold and navy “pearls”. It’s citral sweetness transports you to the secret grotto of Calypso. *Contains Hibiscus


"Treasure Hoard”: This robust brew is a delicious blend of Darjeeling, Chai Spices, Rum Flavoring,and topped with dark red garnet sugar crystals, navy pearls, and edible gold glitter. This tea will transport you to the bottom of the ocean where Sirens covet lost and forgotten treasure.


This blend was created by Eclectic Beauty Cosmetics, the winner of Petals & Poison's "Tea Blend" Competition. IG: @eclecticbeautycosmetics

The "Calypso's Apothecary" Bundle