This ripe brew is a lovely Ceylon Black tea whisked with blackberries, vanilla, and malva flowers, evoking the sweet and sticky flavor of freshly jarred “Belladonna Jam”. “Every morning with her tea, She eats belladonna jam. Spreads pure honey from wild bees, She does not feast on bird nor lamb. Like a mischievous fruit bat She covets berries and fruit Plump plums and figs so fat Kissed with the spice of nightshade root.” 🍇🦇🥧 Made in small batchess to ensure freshness. Each tin offers approximately serves 6-8 cups of tea. Preparing thy tea: Use one tsp of tea leaves per cup, add one heaping tsp for the pot. Add hot water and let stand 3-5 minutes. Stir and serve immediately. Add milk and/or sugar to taste. Ingredients: Blend of loose leaf Black Tea, blackberries, blackberry flavoring, vanilla, and malva flowers. I pack by volume in these 2 oz tins. They are generally between 1.3-1.5 oz in weight. 

The Belladonna Jam Tea Blend