Teacup Candle (Strawberry Banshee) ​​​​​​​🍓👻🍓

Introducing Little Ghouls x Petals & Poison: “Lucerna Teacup and Saucer Set” filled with Little Ghoul's "Strawberry Banshee" Candle. 

🍓Strawberry Banshee👻

A cry is heard from foglands distant
Pitter patters of faint creatures gone in an instant
Quick as lightening they vanish from sight
Like pinwheels they spin in the night
The shrieking repeats like a rhythm to keep
The monsters tamed; with a sealed eyed sleep.
Sweet was the scent in the airFrizzy was the strawberry hair
Monstrous teeth filled mouth stretched grin
So wide it tears and rips the skin
Descending into fiendish madness
To disguise the tears of sadness.


These teacups are of the upmost quality and craftsmanship in the niche tea-aficionado realm. Fully capable of optimum aromatic tea and hot/cold sensitivity. All bone free porcelain, baked finish set makes this the perfect display-ready, (and once the candle has burned out), a perfect tea-sipping experience.  (There is a small fee if you order more than one teacup. This is shipping fees based on weight of the package.) These are limited edition and one of a kind. Comes with one candle filled teacup, one saucer, and one gift box. International shipping is $30 for first class and $50 for insured shipping. Limited amount of them will be made. FDA approved and cruelty free. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. NOT MICROWAVE SAFE. (Swipe for final sample images)

Teacup Candle (Strawberry Banshee) ​​​​​​​🍓👻🍓



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