Introducing Little Ghouls x Petals & Poison: “Lucerna Teacup and Saucer Set” filled with Little Ghoul's "Melancholy Manor" Candle. 

🌊 Melancholy Manor 🌊

In a manor, serene and blue
Practically disappearing with every tick of a clock
Surrounded in hardly a faint royal hue
Appearing near a distant dock
Swaying closer with each wave
The sea of tears leads to this solemn structure
Suspended, weightless, home to the creatures it gave
Nurturing them as they mourn;
In mid air they seep
Swaying them for comfort until they have no tears left to weep~

These teacups are of the upmost quality and craftsmanship in the niche tea-aficionado realm. Fully capable of optimum aromatic tea and hot/cold sensitivity. All bone free porcelain, baked finish set makes this the perfect display-ready, (and once the candle has burned out), a perfect tea-sipping experience.  (There is a small fee if you order more than one teacup. This is shipping fees based on weight of the package.) These are limited edition and one of a kind. Comes with one candle filled teacup, one saucer, and one gift box. International shipping is $30 for first class and $50 for insured shipping. Limited amount of them will be made. FDA approved and cruelty free. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE. NOT MICROWAVE SAFE. (Swipe for final sample images)

Teacup Candle (Melancholy Manor) 🕯🌊🕯



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