Custom black brass base and black candle ring.

CAUTION: Please be mindful and responsible as this is a real candle! Petals & Poison is not responsible for any fire related accidents and/or burns. This is mainly meant for aesthetics/photography purposes, so please be VERY careful!*Candle can be replaced once it burns out* TIPS: Do not burn unattended. Keep away from combustible items. Keep away from children & pets. Place lit candle on heat resistant surface.  Keep out of drafts. Do not move or take off candle ring until wax hardens. Keep free of foreign objects. Keep wick trimmed 1/4”. Stop use when 1/4” of wax remains. Do not burn more than a few minutes at a time. If you have sensitive skin/don’t want to feel the burning sensation of hot wax, please avoid obtaining this product or you can wear heat protective gloves for safety. Some candle wax is hotter/different than others. Please keep away from pets, flammables, and minors. 100% Cotton wick, 100% paraffin candle. Please read description thoroughly before purchasing 🤍

Custom Order for Batty_Sith13



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