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Artist References:

  • Julia and Joanna (Satin Puppets)

  • Roniit Alkayam (Roniit)

  • Kota Wade (Bad Wolf)

  • Vita Devoid

  • Emma Vauxdevil

  • Mordian (Diamorte)

  • Parker Allen Stanley (MR. HE)

  • Coco Lamar  

  • Chicacabra 

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Youtube
  • Facebook

Band Bio:
Petals & Poison is a melodramatic alt-rock group and thriving online web entity, started by Jená Bhone. She has over 62k+ Followers on Instagram, 39k+ on TikTok and has an extremely loyal fan base.   Petals & Poison has become a well known brand in the goth community with her unique style and love for all things Victorian Gothic. Petals & Poison the band, is drawn to artists like ‘Alesana’, ‘My Chemical Romance’, and ‘Sarah Brightman’. Jená strives to create her own moody-romantic world through her melancholic story telling and haunting melodies, alongside Grazie Pennacchio, with his theatrical song-writing and sophisticated guitar work. 


Petals & Poison, the band, was created at the start of the 2020 pandemic, has successfully created a high production value music video for their first single “Hotel Antoinette”, has since released several singles, and played their debut show at the Globe Theater. They are a brand new up and coming band with the potential and the drive to grow. 

Petals & Poison is also very good friends with Julia and Joanna of the whimsically dark duo, Satin Puppets. They make a significant cameo in the "Hotel Antoinette" music video, and we have been in talks with having them feature on a future Petals & Poison song.


Petals & Poison the brand was also featured on Alternative Press in 2019 for being one of the Top 10 Emo and Goth Boutiques to Resurrect Your Closet.

Petals & Poison is on all streaming platforms!


  • Tiktok: 1.6M likes & 39k+ followers

  • Instagram: 62k+ followers

  • Youtube: 724 subscribers & 27,947 total views

  • Facebook: 1k followers

  • Spotify: 200+ monthly listeners with 11,931 streams in the last 365 days

  • Apple Music: 2,851 streams in the last 365 days

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